Diamond Cautery

  • Latest Microcontroller Technology.
  • White Coagulation, no tissue charring.
  • Power delivered by impedance measuring.
  • Isolated RF Output- reduced risk of site burns. – Inbuilt Stabilizer.
  • Independent generators for monopolar & bipolar.
  • Good for all general Surgeries

Uroflometry System (ARK)

  • Voided volume (ml)
  • Maximum flow rate (ml/s)
  • Average flow rate (ml/s)
  • Voiding time (sec)
  • Flow time (sec)
  • Time to maximum flow (sec)
  • Hesitancy (sec)

Uro Irrigation Pump

  • Features:
  • The same unit is suitable for Hysteroscopy and Urology systems
  • Sterile tubing sets with sensor, a peristaltic pump, with two channels
  • Emulsion tube and shim are replaceable
  •  A high sensitivity pressure sensor

Pneumatic Lithotriptor

  • 1 Big LED Display
  • International Quality Standard & Best Look
  • Stock Count help doctors to reduce operative time
  • Highly precise electro-pneumatic device
  • Users Friendly, Easy to operate, No Maintenance Cost
  • Used in Kidneys, Ureter and bladder stone Fragmentation
  • Very Efficient Fragmentation of Stone Decrease risk of Thermal Injury
  • Compact & Mobile Unit

Halogen Light Source

  • Twin bulb halogen light source – 250 watts, dual bulb
  • White light due to imported filter
  • Colour temperature 4,200k

Optical Urethrotome Sheath

  • Good Locking System.

  • Tapered ends and assist in penetration.

  • With 2 fixed stopcocks.

  • Precise design.

  • Anti-corrosive

TURP Visual Obturator

  • TURP Visual Obturator use to check blockage before TURP procedure. Urologist will have batter idea for TURP procedure.

Stone Crushing Forceps

  • Stone Crushing Forcep is use to remove bladder stone.
  • It is compatible with 23.5 Fr or 25 Fr Cystoscopy Sheath. -4mm 30 Degree telescope will be attached with StoneCrushing Forcep.
  • Stone Crushing Forceps also called as Gallbladder Stone
  • Crushing Equipment, Urology Stone Crushing Forceps.

Mauermayer Stone Punch SET

  • Stone Punch Urology SET use for remove bladder stones. Stone Punch Urology is also called as Stone Punch SET, Mauermayer Stone Punch with optchurator. Stone Punch SET are made of high-quality stainless steel. -Corrosion resistance.
  • Fine finish.
  • Longer life.
  • Easy to use.
  • High performance.

Cystoscope Sheath

  • The cystoscope sheath is a study of outer covering. which protects the telescope, allows water flow for irrigation and passage of various instruments. They were used about 2 or 3 times a week for procedures like diagnostic cystoscopy, valve ablation, stent insertion or stent removal.

U Handle Triprong

  • Primarily used for the retrieval of fragmented stones from ureteral and renal pelvis after performing Lithoclast.

Ureteral Stent

  • Used for temporary internal drainage from the ureteropelvic junction to the bladder.

  • The stent features a braided tether and graduation marks. The set includes a stent with pigtail straightener, a stent positioner with a radiopaque tip, and a wire guide.

  • The Universal firm stent’s thermosensitive material is firm at room temperature. -When warmed to body temperature, the stiffness of the stent tubing decreases by up to 42%

  • Length-26cm

Hysteroscopy Biopsy Forceps

  • Forceps with cup jaws for taking biopsy through Operative Channel of Hysteroscopy sheath & telescope

Hysteroscopy Operative Scissors

  • Scissor type of forceps single action jaw for cutting Septums or Adhesions -To be used through operative channel of hysteroscopy sheath


  • Hysteroscopy is a procedure that allows gynecologist to look inside uterus in order to diagnose and treat causes of abnormal bleeding. -2.9 mm Hysteroscopy set 4 mm Hysteroscopy Set.

  • Autoclavable


  • Used for gynecological applications like Transcervical resection of endometrium (TCRE), Operative hysteroscopy.

  • Passive working element. Activated by pulling handle ring in distal or proximal direction.

  • Made of high quality medical grade stainless steel

Operative Sheath

  • Hysteroscopy Operative Sheath allows instruments like scissors, graspers or biopsy instruments used to correct the condition are inserted through the hysteroscope.

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Easy to use.

  • High performance -Working Channel Sfr, 7fr

Outer Sheath

  • Rotatable Resectoscope sheath outer 26fr

Inner Sheath

  • Inner Sheath with ceramic tip with 1 stopcock and blunt obturator.

Hysterectomy Clamp 8"

  • Hysterectomy clamp offer strong holding power with minimal slippage or damage to surrounding tissue. Used in Abdominal procedures.

Collin Knife, double stem

  • Laparoscopic Urology STORZ TYPE COLLINS KNIFE LOOP DOUBLE STEM Bipolar 24Fr

Penile Clamp

  • Penile clamp is a device used in controlling male urine leakage, and can be very helpful for prostate surgery incontinence.

Nottingham Dilator

  • Nottingham Dilator used to dilate the intramural tunnel and ureter in one step. Nottingham Dilator also be used to inject contrast medium to determine sub mucosal tunneling or anesthetic jelly to aid in dislodging ureteral stones.

  • Features: Intended for one-time use. Tapered tip, Low profile. Smooth surfaces for ease of introduction. Used with 0.038″ guide wire.

Nephrostomy Drainage Catheter

  • The Percutaneous Nephrostomy Catheter (PCN Catheter) is placed By directly puncture through the skin into the kidney. -PCN Catheter provides temporary drainage of urine, from the kidney.

  • PCN Catheter is also called as Mono 3 Stent, Pigtail Nephrostomy Catheter, pigtail drainage catheter

  • Used for the temporary or permanent drainage.

Amplatz Renal Dilator Set

Used for dilation of ureter prior to ureteroscopy and for sequential dilation of the intramural tunnel, ureter and stone manipulation

PCNL Miniperc Dilator


  • Strong structure Simple uses
  • Top performance

Haegers Dilator

  • Haegar Double-Ended Uterine Dilator Set is a manual, probe-style instrument used to dilate the cervix .

  • They are solid, nonflexible, and available in multiple diameters

  • These dilators are slightly curved in opposite directions from the center and have smooth, rounded tips

Uterine Cannula

It allows for the intra-operative manipulation of both the ante-verted and retro-verted uterus as well as facilitating quick, simple, effective hysterosalpingogram for tubal patency studies.

Oesophageal Dilator Set

  • Set of Six & Eight Dilators.
    Total length 85 cm.
  • Marking every 1 cm.
  • Built-in Radio-opaque metal ring.
    Highly Smooth and Flexible

Initial Puncture Needle

  • Initial Puncture Needle used for percutaneous nephrostomy cyst puncture deep tissue access and all other percutaneous applications.

    Size – length

    16 G – 15/23 cms

    17 G – 15/23 cms


    18 G – 15/23 cms


Ureteral Balloon Dilator

  • Used for transluminal dilation of ureteral strictures or ureteral dilation prior to ureteroscopy or stone manipulation.
  • Balloon dilation is a non surgical technique that
  • expands the blocked urinary tract

Malecot Catheter Kit

  • Set of Six & Eight Dilators.
    Total length 85 cm.
  • Marking every 1 cm.
  • Built-in Radio-opaque metal ring.
    Highly Smooth and Flexible

Initial Puncture Needle

  • Initial Puncture Needle used for percutaneous nephrostomy cyst puncture deep tissue access and all other percutaneous applications.

    Size – length

    16 G – 15/23 cms

    17 G – 15/23 cms

    18 G – 15/23 cms

Re-Entry Malecot Nephrostomy Catheter

  • Re-entry Malecot Nephrostomy Catheter is a nephrostomy drainage catheter and ureteral stent.The Re-entry Malecot Catheter is placed percutaneously through an existing nephrostomy tract

Stone Extractor balloon (triple lumen)


  • Single Use
  • Versions with contrast injection above and below the Balloon
  • Flexible diameter adjustment for 9-16 mm in one Balloon
  • Includes inflation diameters of 9mm, 13mm, 16mm.

Nitinol Retrieval Basket

  • Allows a side-by-side approach, facilitating control and independent manipulation of both the basket and holmium laser fiberl
  • Designed for use with a 200μ holmium laser fiber – Standard 4-wire, 1mm cage extends 2 long legs to convert to a 15mm cage configuration for releasability – In a 3.6F working channel, the 1.9F sheath and 200μ holmium laser fiber together intended to provide irrigation flow equivalent to a 2.4F device

Stone Grasper- Flexible- Triprong

  • Used for stone manipulation and removal in the urinary tract Sizes: 2.5F, 3F, 4F, SF
  • Length(cm): 70, 90, 110

Guide Wire 0.35x150cm Straight Tip

  • Highly flexible, tapered tip for atraumatic and controlled
  • navigation through vessels Hydrophilic “M” polymer coating for low friction endovascular steerability and trackability
  • Radiopaque polyurethane jacket for good fluoroscopic visibility and controlled navigation


  • Universal tapered connector with @mpling port facilitates mid stream urine sampling.
  • Urometer has been designed for measurement of hourly urine output.
  • Clear and transparent measured volume chamber provides accurate measurement.
  • Urine Meter directly attached to two litre capacity Urine Bag with overflow facility.
  • Completely closed circuit eliminates the risk of contamination. litates aseptic catheter & urine bag connection. Tube Length: 150CM

Kidney model

  • Enlarged deluxe human kidney model depicts a normal kidney while the other side shows diseased kidney with different pathologies and accurate anatomy.
  • The normal side of the kidney shows the anatomy of a healthy kidney. Whereas, the other diseased part of the kidney depicts different types of pathologies
  • Some of the diseases represented are pyelonephritis, fat in renal sinus, tumor, polycystic kidney, effects of hypertension, stone and much more
  • The model comes with an attractive key card explaining each anatomy and pathology in detail – The model is perfect for every doctor, physician or any other medical practitioner or professional to have to educate patients

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